Time Management Course: Description

Triskelion© is a complete Time Management System used by tens of thousands of employees at many of the largest companies worldwide.

This Time Management training program incorporates state-of-the-art techniques and tools to dramatically improve your time management skills.

If you are looking for time management tips with real life application, this is the course!

Unlike other courses bogged down in theory, with a practical wealth of tips, tools and practical instructions Triskelion enables you to practice, experiment and receive ongoing and instantaneous feedback in a safe “virtual environment” so you can actually practice what you learn and thereby greatly enhance retention.

Time Management Course: Content

Course Section I: Plan

Learn to define goals, develop plans and discover strategies to achieve them.

Learn and practice prioritizing so you to regain control of your life, find your life-balance and improve results.

Learn how to manage the T-DL©, a tool that will help you make decisions without losing sight of your priorities, improving your concentration and your efficiency.

Course Section II: Manage

Discover the Triskelion process for making decisions that reduce your workload, manage your in-box and execute tasks faster.

Find ways to keep life and work neat and organized.

Achieve total control over your commitments and pending tasks.

Design your own personal productivity system and boost your efficiency while reducing your stress levels.

Course Section III: Do It Now!

Increase execution accuracy and speed.

Improve concentration. Reduce distractions.

Boost performance thanks to the Looped Focused Workflow (LFW©)

Course Section IV: Focus

Learn how focusing fosters productivity.

Discover efficient prioritization.

Free up time by saying “no”, to others and to yourself.

Simplify your life.

Simplify your work.