I learnt a lot. Great interactive and enjoyable course. Congratulations!
Alain Afflelou |
Great! The best e-learning course I've ever seen.
Alfa Laval |
Thanks! I am depressed the game is over!
Autotrader |
¡Divertido y efectivo! Me lo he pasado muy bien y he aprendido mucho.
Avon |
Very usefull ... already changing my daily life.
The course is very interesting. Great value concepts and ideas.
Great idea, great execution. 5 stars. I learned a lot. Best regards.
It's very intuitive, didactic and like other graphic adventure video games, somewhat addictive; a spectacular course.
Excellent training program. Absolutely applicable to real life.
Thank you so much. I did enjoy the game & I believe I did learn a lot.
BNSF Logistic |
I did learn a lot from the game. Overall there is some golden information and lessons given in the game and the idea and set up is nice. I think you guys have done a great job. Thank you for the opportunity to play and thank you for all the help you were!
BNSF Logistic |
I really liked the product. Didactic and entertaining; congratulations on the product.
Bombardier |
Thank you very much. I really liked this course and I learned while enjoying myself. Therefore, I congratulate you as you have a very interesting methodology for this subject.
Caja Burgos |
Ciao, Triskelion mi è piaciuto molto sia come gioco che come metodo di apprendimento pochi concetti ben chiari che mi sono rimasti impressi grazie anche agli schemi con i quali vengono rappresentati. grazie e buon lavoro.
Casino del Valle de Aosta |
I found it very interesting, especially the lessons. Also the main concepts, which in the end are what really stay in your head, are completely applicable to our day-to-day. I am already looking forward to the next one!
Cetelem Bank |
It was wonderful !!!! I've never seen something well organized online. Do you have anything else for me??
Coca Cola Hellenic |
This game has been extremely beneficial for me, both in terms of theory and practice, and it was fun as well. I really enjoyed the process.
Coca-Cola Hellenic |
Really enjoyable and above all, you learn without trying since the setting and implementation are superb. Congratulations! It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a course this much.
Dimetronic - Invensys |
Very interesting and exciting course.
It is a very interesting way to teach how to manage your time. The concepts, the examples....well done! Congratulations! I learned so much and I am already applying it to my personal and professional life! Many thanks for this huge lessons!
Interesting experience with some really good fundamental lessons that are taught in an entertaining way and that can be put into practice tomorrow morning.
Very relevant topic and content. The tools to improve your work performance and efficiency are really spot on. Using them and incorporate them in your life will help you achieving work life balance to a greater extent.
Ericsson |
This is the most effective time management course I have ever seen. This base of knowledge is of great use for managing our life positively.
Ericsson |
This course is very interesting, is very similar with our day to day and have important lessons to we can organize our priorities.
Ericsson |
I enjoyed the game and the learning behind each task. This Time Management course will definitely help me in my day to day life to focus and execute my goals.
Ericsson |
Thank you for this opportunity. I really enjoyed this game-course. It was relevant to my work and represented a good use of my time. It offered a good training material, examples and exercises.
European Commission |
It was really great, user friendly and helpful already in my work.
European Commission |
At the beginning it was very stressful, the part in the middle is interesting and the end was very exciting! I have kept in mind "Once, one by one and til the end". Congratulations! You have created an extraordinary training tool. Unbeatable.
FAES Farma |
I found it to be a very practical and entertaining course. It's very well structured and permits progressive learning.
Iberia |
What I liked most is the methodology. The on-line part is like nothing else that I've seen; it is a very enriching project presented in a very enjoyable way.
Kellogg\'s |
What I liked most about the program is its practical application; the majority of face to face training lacks much practical content.
Kellogg\'s |
A wonderful experience, an extraordinary trip with a beginning and an end, going around routes.
La Caixa |
Triskelion has helped me a lot to improve my productivity.
Learnactive |
I enjoyed it and I actually learned some things too.
LKQ Corporation |
You've developed a very new form of training that is really interesting, both in terms of your desire to do it, and your retention of the concepts as they are based on practical cases.
Merck Sharp & Dohme |
Magnificent program, great setting and with extremely practical lessons that are easily applied to real life both in terms of business and on a personal level.
Merck Sharp & Dohme |
I would like to tell you that this is the most entertaining, interesting, and useful course that I have done. Thank you very much.
Merck Sharp & Dohme |
I want to thank you all. Nobody but the most talented people could have designed such an outstanding learning piece. It has helped me more than 14 sessions I have had with a Pscyhologist. I'm having a very hard time and Triskelion has given me new tools to face everything
Ministry of Justice |
A very useful tool. Totally applicable.
Oracle |
The game format of the training really kept me engaged. Once I started, I had to force myself to stop or I would have played all day.
Overland Park |
In my office, we have several people participating and that promoted a competition of sorts and also a sharing of ideas.
Overland Park |
This course is absolutely espectacular! Congratulations!
Peruvian Credit Bank |
It was really an excellent Simulator and I am very impressed by the level. A lot of skills are used and in particular listening, business acumen, analytical, strategic thinking. The Simulator in French was perfect.
Pfizer Animal Healthcare |
A method that has made us forget that we were learning. Certainly one of the best training programs IŽve ever done.
Provera |
Excellent product and a fun way of learning. Very good, I really enjoyed both playing and learning. Well done.
Pullmantur |
I recommend this course. Practical and applicable. Thanks!
Renault |
Excellent. You learn quickly and easily. You remember all the main concepts. Congratulations.
Renault |
It is incredible how perfect this game is and how real in all aspects. I felt it was very good and really useful.
Sandoz - Novartis |
It has been an extremely positive e-learning experience; perhaps the e-learning course from which I have gotten the greatest return.
Sandoz - Novartis |
A training so attractive that it's addictive!. I didn't want it to end! I completely recommend it!
Sandoz - Novartis |
It was a good decision to do this course; it makes you think and it's enjoyable. It is a good product and I congratulate your entire team.
It is the best training product that I've seen; useful and above all educational.
I found it extremely interesting; an accurate reflection of the daily reality. I think that more people within our company should be given the opportunity to try this training program.
Very good product, really enjoyed the mix of theory and practice. Very recommendable, challenge is for people to find the time and commit to the course. I like that I can download the material at the end of the course.
Shell |
Overall I like the content of the programme, most of it is in line with what we already teach within Shell. I like the 'Game' element of it.
Shell |
I decided to do the game all at once over the weekend. I did enjoy it!
Shell |
A very practical and useful course. I had lots of fun while learning.
Teltronic |
It was great! I learned a lot and have already used some of the principles in my work.
US Public Institution |
I have experimented positive changes 4 times in my life so far. First one when I joined college, second when I got married, third when I had my daughter, fourth after finishing Triskelion. Thanks everybody for this excellent life changing tool.
Vetersalud |
Casos muy interesantes. Aprendes de una forma muy eficiente y eficaz. Aplicable a la vida real. 
Vodafone |