Time Management Course
in an online videogame format
Tens of thousands of users from over 300 of the most important
companies worldwide have benefited from this
revolutionary game-based course
Live an incredible adventure!
Follow the clues to find “The Secret” of the Order of Wisdom.

Regain control of your life
Improve your organization
Learn to plan and prioritize
Take control of your mail and agenda
Find life-balance
Reduce your stress
What users are saying
99% of users recommend this course
99% think contents have real-world application
Learn time management skills previously available
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What is Triskelion: The Time Management Course?

Everyone learns best by seeing and doing.

We’ve taken this simple truth and created a revolutionary learning game, Triskelion.

Triskelion combines an in-depth course, a virtual-world simulator and a thrilling videogame played to see, practice and learn time management skills.

Playing Triskelion, you travel to Cairo, Granada, Rome and other exotic locations as you follow in the footsteps of treasure-seeking archaeologist and history professor Robert Wise uncovering clues that lead you to discover the philosopher Seneca’s Secret of the Order of Wisdom, and reveal centuries-old hidden secrets for happiness and success.

Throughout your virtual adventure, different characters impart incredible and unforgettable lessons, which are complemented by timely written lectures packed with tips, tools and time-management techniques.

Playing Triskelion, you fulfill personal and professional obligations as you manage appointments, attend meetings, travel, conduct classes, answer and organize your mail, make sure you eat healthy and sleep enough, and dedicate time to other hobbies and activities. You even pick up your dry cleaning.

In the background, the Triskelion virtual-world simulator analyzes your performance and gives you personalized feedback to help you learn as you progress through the game. So, not only do you see time management lessons as you would watching another company’s videos of boring so-called experts, you actually do time management in a virtual world so that you really learn from your experience.

99% of users recommend Triskelion and say its tips and tools have real-world application.

With over fifteen hours of playing time – the equivalent of two days of intensive classroom learning - Triskelion allows you to discover a complete time management system already enjoyed by tens of thousands of users from over 300 of the largest companies in the world.

Learn how to plan, prioritize and accomplish your objectives.

Discover tips, tools and techniques that help you manage your work and your life so you make better decisions.

Find methods to avoid procrastination, be more efficient and enhance your personal and professional success.

Understand how focusing and simplifying fosters personal productivity, reduces stress and improves your life-balance.

As with all games, Triskelion scores your in-course performance and a leaderboard tracks you against your peers. And scores matter, especially for something as important as how you manage your time.

Want to compete with people all around the world and show you are a true Time Management Master?

How can I benefit from this Time Management Course?

Work overwhelming you?

Experiencing stress-induced back pain or headaches?

Your overflowing inbox makes you forget commitments?

Are you dedicating enough time to your family? Your friends? Yourself?

Have you lost your life-balance?

Triskelion combines a course, a virtual-world simulator and a videogame played to see, practice and learn time management skills.

Triskelion is a complete personal productivity system, packed with time management tips, techniques and ideas to improve your personal productivity and reduce stress.

A life-changing learning process that will forever change your paradigms about life, success and happiness. A powerful way to improve your time management skills and positively impact your life.

What if you could do so by playing? Having fun? Experiencing an adventure?

Well, that is Triskelion, a complete online time management training solution that is the equivalent of an intensive two-day time management classroom course, which has been enjoyed by tens of thousands of users from over 300 of the largest companies in the world that will entertain you while you learn…

How to organize, plan and prioritize

Define objectives

Control your life

Recover your life-balance

Reduce stress

Free up time for your hobbies, for your family, for yourself

Play. Learn. Grow.

How to manage time?

By Ibrahim Jabary

How to manage time? How to manage stress? How to be more productive? How to recover life-balance?

These important concerns overwhelm us at some point in our lives.

The good news is there are answers. And they are not difficult ones, although they require a lot of willpower and perseverance.

The problem is nobody taught us how to do it. I don’t recall my high school offering “Time Management Skills” or “Stress Management” classes. Neither did university, college, graduate school…

There are basic time management tips, techniques and tools that can greatly help us. We just need to discover them.

Books, courses, seminars, benchmarking… is all we’ve got. We have to take personal responsibility and be proactive. We can’t wait for our employers to teach us, we can’t expect to learn from costly errors, we need to actively seek the knowledge that can help us improve our lives, our results, our happiness.

How to prioritize, how to plan, how to organize our schedule, how to be more effective, how to manage e-mail… all of these can be answered with specific tools and techniques. Once you know them you will only need to put them into practice and do it enough times for them to become a habit.

Learn the tools and make a habit of them. Your life will improve in ways you can’t imagine.

Best Time Management Courses

By Ibrahim Jabary

I am often asked what is the best time management course. My answer is always the same: There is no such thing. There are lots of different courses. No single one is perfect for everybody. Each of us has special needs, specific ways we like to work, different job demands, varying available resources…

You need to strive. A lot. It is a quest. Get the best idea from every book, seminar, course, article, online blog… other pieces of information you come across. Adapt the tools, tips and knowledge to your own circumstances. Test them. Put them into practice. Feel free to fail, a bit.

Slowly build your own system. With patience you will compose a time management system that will fit you. It will never be perfect, but it will be better everyday.

Many will offer you “The Best Time Management Course in the market”. Doubt them.

If you search carefully, you will find many professional providers offering quality content. You have to look for one who can structure its content to best suit you. The one who really helps you learn and motivates you to start putting theory into practice. When making a decision, look for quality content, systematic content organization and real world application tools and ideas.

The best management courses I have found so far are in some way “specialized”. They really focus in part of the time management process. So, ideally, you combine several of them to get a systemic course.

Triskelion offers a compelling way to understand the fundamentals. Playing Triskelion gives you a framework, an integral system, strategic perspective and also presents you lots of practical tools and ideas. It is a well fortified “base camp” from where you can initiate future “higher-altitude expeditions” seeking new ideas and tools to expand your personal time management system.

So stop looking for “the Best Time Management Course”. It doesn’t exist. Accept an ongoing quest. Cultivate new ideas, take delight in discoveries, absorb fresh tools and processes … and most importantly adapt them to the way you live and work. Don’t get obsessed with the destination and enjoy the journey. Always have fun!

Never stop striving. Never stop learning. Never stop growing.